Thursday, 31 May 2007

Is it time to move yet?

Tomorrow is our moving day - we'll be pleased to be moved and no longer have to live in the perpetual state of half packed, half moved:

Of course we will continue to have a pile of boxes until we get from Spain, but at least we'll be able to unpack them again.

I've been asked a few times how late it's staying light at the moment. It is pretty light, late. According to the BBC sunrise today was at 03:27 and sunset will be 22:59 - and between those times it's not really fully dark. I took these pictures at 22:10 on Tuesday night:

I couldn't manage two posts without mentioning socks and knitting - so here's the ferdig version of the ice on the pond socks:

(They're having a chat) - I'm really pleased with them. My experiment of having lots of projects cast on at one time isn't really working - I think I could manage two, but no more. I'm hoping to get a bit of knitting done while we're in Spain - start knitting baby boots etc, so hopefully I'll be at a manageable level by the time we get back and get the internet connection working again.

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