Monday, 7 May 2007

more socks

Had another enjoyable but more relaxed weekend. I managed to finish the first half of my ice on the pond socks:

This one's to prove that they fit!

We went into Trondheim to do a few jobs on Saturday, including dropping the engagement ring into a jewellers to be resized, and finding out where the Sponhuset is as a possible wedding location.

We also took a visit to the wool shop.

We got this wool for socks for David:

It's the same wool as I'm knitting the ice on the pond socks from, but in a different colourway. After telling me that he was a "grey sock person", I think this is a positive sign.

But the first thing I must do before I start the second ice on the pond sock, or the not grey socks for David is to fulfill a request I had from Rob at Easter for some socks that look like a bee. This is what we got:

Hmmm... interesting - they will, of course, be stripey. I intend to learn another couple of techniques in order to make these... the jogless jog and weaving in ends as I go along.

And this is our garden bench that needs resanding and varnishing - I thought if I put it on my ikke ferdig list it might actually get done.

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