Friday, 4 July 2014

Dresses for Frances and Baby Janet

The other WIP that I showed has become a dress for Frances and her doll Baby Janet. 

As I mentioned before we did some potato printing on an old sheet I had.  For Frances dress I used Butterick B5845 view A.  I sewed a size 6, which was the smallest on the pattern I have so it's turned out pretty big.  

She likes it as it reaches the floor and has a flower on.

Since taking these photos I have nipped it in at both sides by about an inch, so it isn't quite hanging off her and I also sewed the flower on a bit more so that it doesn't flop about. 
And then we come to Baby Janet.  Janet is a 30cm (12") tall doll.  I've been looking around for a dress pattern for her - admittedly not very hard - but have mostly found patterns for 18" dolls.  Then I came across this pin 
posted on the sentimentalbaby blog which is a dress from the 40s to fit any doll.
I made a dress and then to preserve baby Janet's dignity when she falls over, a pair of knickers as well. 
Janet's dress fits pretty well (better than Frances' - but then Frances will grow) - I think next time I will lengthen the sleeves of the dress and the legs of the knickers so that her soft parts are completely covered.