Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Multiplying boxes

June seems to be flying by.

We moved on June 1st to our new house - which went fine. Then we abandoned all the boxes and mess on June 2nd to travel to Spain (not quite Syden in the Norwegian sense, as we weren't on the coast) to visit David's parents. We had a lovely time - nice and relaxing. It was pretty warm, but most of the time there was a bit of a breeze, which kept it nice. We went to some pretty places and went to a couple of ex-pat parties and generally had a good time. Nothing too strenuous - we almost managed to forget that we would be coming back to boxes and stuff everywhere.

I managed to do a bit of knitting while I was away. The first of my pregnant friends was due on June 11th - I haven't heard if she's delivered yet, but I'm sure I'll hear soon. While we were away I knitted these:

Helen and Simon, have a daughter already, Anna - so I thought I'd better knit something for her too. She loves pink, so I thought some pink socks would be good. I used the stitch pattern from this pattern, but sizing as for the smallest size for this pattern. I think Anna's 3, so I hope they (once I've knitted sock two) fit.

I've also been continuing with David's not grey socks using magic loop - they're progressing, and I quite like the technique for a change.

Since we've been back we have had a bit of a go at the garden - we've mown the lawn and made sure the veggies are behaving themselves - although I'm itching to dig another bit for planting some more vegetables. We've also been enjoying some of the flowers and blossom that are around the garden:

We have three, or maybe four lilac trees/bushes around the garden that are all flowering at the moment - they smell lovely.

We also have a hawthorn tree that is looking very pretty at the moment. There's quite a lot of work that needs doing in the garden - it's been allowed to become a bit of a jungle and is now growing really fast with the long days and abundance of light.

We still have loads to do in the house, so I'm not sure how much time I'll get away with spending in the garden!

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Guthrum said...

Glad the move went OK, love the Lilac bushes, my Mother was really keen on these.