Friday, 4 May 2007

freshly baked bread smell

Another not so financially productive day of work today, I hope this isn't a trend that will go on for too long.... I may get used to it.

So instead I baked banana bread from one of Sue Lawrences books I have. I really like her book, it has lots of different things to try, nothing too pretentious and I like her little tongue in cheek quips she makes in her instructions. Here's a piccy of the finished product before we started chomping into it:

It also smelt great - we had the visning for the house we're living in being sold yesterday evening, so I'm sure the houses owner would have thanked me for making his house have that freshly baked bread smell.

I also kept going with the ice on the pond sock - I got round the heel, so now have to pick up the gusset and join it all back together again - (not the most flattering of photos).

Again, sorry for not taking more photos of the new house - I would have liked to have taken some downstairs to show the full extent of the 60s decor (not 60s inspired as it's definitely from the 60s). Well done Andrew for spotting the pink nylon curtains - these will be going in the guest bedroom so that you can enjoy them next time you and Jo visit!

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