Sunday, 23 October 2011


We're starting to get quite a lot of artwork being drawn by Frances - I find it quite fascinating to watch her draw and listen to her narrative as to what she is doing: what colours she is choosing, what she is drawing, when she is adding the eyes etc etc

This is one of my particular favourites at the moment. If I remember correctly it is Totoro or probably a number of Totoros (usely described as Daddy Totoro and Baby Totoro), Mei and Satsuki are probably in there too. Totoro features heavily in her artwork and in her imaginative play (She is Mei, I am Satsuki, David is Daddy Totoro and Rory is Baby Totoro - she has many other characters from various films, TV programmes, books, people she knows etc that we all are - it's often pretty hard to keep up!).