Sunday, 25 February 2007

Ikke ferdig progress

While David and his brother and Adam went skiing in Sweden I tried to make progress with my ikke ferdig list - specifically the ten year quilt project. When I started this blog it looked like this... and now it looks more like this...

So I am making progress - honest. David still sees it as an unfinished project - but never mind!

But shhhh - don't tell him about another project that has made the ikke ferdig list....

It's going to be a jumper (hopefully) like the blue one in the picture next to it. I'm using some wool that I think we got years ago on holiday somewhere in Scotland, I think this is it's third reincarnation as the previous two incarnations (both knitted by other people) didn't "suit my head" so I didn't wear them. Fingers crossed this will be third time lucky.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Eating with the neighbours

I feel like I'm playing a bit of catch up with the blog.... we finally had our (current) neighbours over for dinner at the weekend. We didn't cook curry as we'd first thought, but did cook a tried and tested Delia Smith recipe,982,RC.html followed by Stjørdalsblink, which is a recipe I found in our Norwegian cookbook (Norsk Mat og Kultur) and is a very easy custardy apple cake. It all seemed to go down very well - even with the kids, who we had also bought back-up frozen pizza for, just in case.

A sad day

We've found out that we're going to have to find somewhere else to live as our landlord is moving back to Norway and needs to sell where we're living so that he can buy a house where he's being moved to. Good for him, but sad for us as we really like the house and the garden and the view etc. Oh well, we'll cope. We've had some thoughts about buying, rather than renting, but I think we'd then lose one of our financial perks of the work transfer out here in the first place. So, discussions all round and thinking caps on.

Monday, 19 February 2007

Spring already?

Not sure - but maybe spring is here?

This is the snow man I built with Jo two weeks ago - it's just about melted. It's sad. Maybe there will be more snow and I can make another one. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 12 February 2007


Went on a truger tour this weekend up through snowy valleys and over frozen lakes. Six hours of hard work with fantastic views and a real sense of getting away from it all was deemed nothing more than a trip to a mound by our more knowing Norwegian friends! How 500m of vertical ascent can be deemed or described as a mound is somewhat baffling and probably mystically cultural. If you need to ask if it's a mountain - it's not.... still, mountain, or not you can't beat the views!