Wednesday, 21 May 2008

pre wedding update

I haven't been very good at blogging recently. I've been in more of a do mood than a talk about doing of having done mood - and so the blog has suffered. There's been lots to do recently with wedding stuff and knitting etc to keep me busy. We fly back to the UK tomorrow so there won't be any blogging until we're back at the beginning of the 2nd week of June, so I thought I'd better have a quick update of the ikke ferdig progress...

here we have the sailor sock with the heel turned

And here we have the first embossed leaf sock finished.

I knit to the heel turn on both of these and then had them around in case Cecilie needed visual aid while she turned her first heel. Her heel passed by without incident and so I can now get on and get both of these finished. I'll take them both with me to the UK and hopefully get some knitting done between enjoying real ale in real pubs and walking.

And then we have the first little bit of the second front of the Jacob cardigan - kind of a token cast on.

So, a bit of sock knitting in the UK and maybe a look in the rowan shop (which sounds dangerous).

I'm sure I'll blog more when we get back....

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


First of all I wanted to show you the difference 10 days makes. The first of these two pictures was taken on April 27th, and the second this morning on May 7th.

Shame I didn't take them both from the same spot, but I think you can see that things are definitely greening up nicely. Those bushes at the far side of our garden are lilacs, and in the gap that shows the neigbouring house I've planted some fruit bushes, a rhubarb and also a little philadelphus cutting. They're all only little so will take some time to make a difference.
I seem to have three knitting projects on the go at the moment. All are making progress:
Firstly we have my jacob cardigan, I'm getting through the cables on the left front at the moment. I was a little worried it was going to be too small, but I did a bit of comparison with another zipped cardigan I have and I think it's going to be OK - not super baggy or anything, but OK.

Secondly we have my sailor stitch sock from more sensational knitted socks - these are paused at the moment so that I can knit the heel at the same time as Cecilie knits the first heel of her first sock. I'm really liking the subtle colour changes on the Trekking Pro Natura and the wool/bamboo mix is really light and fine - I'm hoping these might be a less warm socks that can be worn all year round.

And while I'm waiting for then I've cast on a second pair of socks, these are going to be the embossed leaves sock by Mona Schmidt from Favorite Socks. The leaves are just starting to show. I'm using some Finish wool called Veto. The colour hasn't come out very well on this photo, it's more a soft green/blue. The Veto is a wool/nylon blend and seems very thick in comparison to the trekking.

I would imagine both of the sock projects will go with me to the UK when we go to get married - two weeks tomorrow we fly.