Sunday, 20 May 2007

Cherry blossom

The blossom is now out on the cherry tree and it's abuzz with bees - including:

Rob's newly finished bee socks. Just in time to send them off for his birthday next Friday. I hope he likes them!

So, now they're on the ferdig list, I can get back to sock number two of the ice on the pond socks for me and start thinking more about socks for David.

We also now have five sets of friends who are expecting babies between June and November - so I think I'll start knitting some baby booties. I found this pattern, which looks pretty good and claims to stay on baby feet.

We had an interesting walk through our local woods yesterday - with Zoom (our neighbours cat), who followed us all the way around.

Zoom showing David the way.

David and Zoom looking at the view over the fjord.

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