Monday, 28 May 2007

Pre moving in work

I think I may be a little different than most, inasmuch as moving house involves starting the vegetable garden before we move in. We move in next Friday, but have been given the keys a little early just to help things along (the owners haven't moved all of their stuff out yet, so we can't actually move in). So, this Saturday David mowed the grass (it was about 40cm high) and we started a little patch of digging. It's a little rough and ready, but it gets a few things in the ground.

From front to back we have: peas, potatoes and butternut squash. It's a little early for the butternut squash, so I put them under a bit of protection to hopefully keep them alive.

I also planted a bit of rhubarb I have liberated from our current garden.

This is a picture of the back of the house. The veg patch is behind me on the lower level.

Yesterday was taken up with packing more boxes and starting to clean a bit, and also thinking about packing for Spain - we leave the day after we move, so we're going to have to be a bit organised. Oh, and we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean - bit of mindless fun, which I think is what we needed after the drudgery of packing and cleaning.

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