Wednesday, 23 May 2007

While the cat's away, the mice will cast on

David's been away for a few days on a work trip (jolly) to Barcelona - how can going to Barcelona, looking around a couple of shops and then lookng at the architecture and other retail outlets in the city be called work? - and I didn't even mention the beer drinking or the tapas eating....

While he's been away I thought I'd have a casting on session - so far I've been consciously having only one knitting project started at a time, but thought it was worth seeing how it is the other way round - and I want to knit something a bit bigger, which something a little smaller (like socks) can fit around.

So here we have them:

Second sock of Ice on the Pond socks.

Cast on of the "bigger" project - this doesn't look like much - I think I'm maybe three rows in when I took the photo, but it is going to be this (konfekt 18703 from Dale of Norway). This is one of the patterns I contemplated for the red cotton that I still have. The pattern's in Norwegian, but so far it's going OK.

And third, but not least - David's not grey socks. I took two attempts to start these - I've decided to learn the "magic loop" method of knitting - ie knitting the sock on one circular needle. I started off thinking that maybe it was worth a shot at knitting both socks at the same time using this method as I've heard that it's possible...

So, yes it is possible, but my attempt was messy and I knew that I wouldn't be pleased with the results, so thought I'd stick to learning the magic loop method before I advanced to trying two at once. Here's the second attempt:

Much better. I'm hoping this method will be useful for when I knit the sleeves for the Konfekt 18703 jumper. I also would like to knit these socks, the pattern hasn't been published yet as they were entered (and won) a competition, but I understand they're knitted using the magic loop method. So there is method in my madness.

As you can see, this doesn't include any baby booties - I need the needles that the ice on the pond socks are being knitting on so that I can start.

So far my reaction to having a number of knitting projects on the go is that it's hectic and I don't really know where to start, or which to work on.

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