Wednesday, 17 February 2016

quilt update (again)

 Last week was the kid's ski week holiday here in Bern, so we headed off to Flims for skiing.  The rest of the family is either learning or loves skiing, but I've tried and failed and am happy at the moment to call myself a non-skier.  While we're in Switzerland and drive to skiing this means I can take things to keep me busy - this year I decided to take my sewing machine and work on my quilt.

I posted a bit about my quilt last year, but before that was in 2008 with the optimistic comment that I wouldn't allow it to become a 15 year project!  Well here we are in year 16 (I started it in 2000) and it's still not finished.  It is growing - but it is starting to feel like a grindstone around my neck.

 Here's some progress set up on the dining room table.  

I worked at it quite hard while we were away.  The kids were in ski school, so apart from the inevitable chalet maid duties one acquires as the non-skier I was able to concentrate on my quilt until the call for drinks and a little apres ski as the kids were finishing up. 

I managed to finish a strip of the quilt - it's constructed like a big log cabin and I'm now onto the outer edges - so this is nearly the full width of the finished quilt.  I'd already completed about half of this strip last year and was able to finish off the upper half during the week. 

This is the quilt after I sewed that strip onto the rest of it (it's on the far right hand side).  That's the best I could do as a washing line shot on a narrow balcony!  I've just got a fairly narrow strip that's the full length of the quilt and then I can get on with finally putting it all together.  My goal is to get the narrow strip done this year and be quilting it next year.  That should be doable? right?  time will tell!