Friday, 21 August 2015

Martha cardigan

I've been back from holiday now for a couple of weeks - I should have been blogging, but haven't as I've been feeling peculiarly lonely.... I think it's just the post holiday blues and that we've now been living in Switzerland and this apartment for 2 years and I start getting a bit antsy after 2 years somewhere.  It'll pass.

Anyway, while I was away I finished off the green cardigan I had started.

As I mentioned before, I converted the pattern so that I could knit it seamlessly - so I knit the back and the fronts at the same time, including the side seam shaping as I went along, up until the armholes.  I then knitted the two sleeves (in the round) also to the armholes - I had to knit them inside out so that I could do the eyelet stitch in the round, but that wasn't a bother.

Once I got to the armholes I joined everything together as per EZ's set-in sleeve method (p86 Knitting workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann) and kept on going.

I think the sleeves have come out pretty well - it's not such a difficult method to do and it was lovely not having to sew any seams at the end.

Here's the back - lots and lots of eyelets.

I added buttons from my stash - it needed 7 buttons - I didn't have 7 all the same, so have added an eclectic almost matching set in a blue/green colour, which I think looks fine.

More info over on ravelry.