Saturday, 13 January 2007

About bloody time

Snow has finally arrived and it's started to feel more like winter than spring. Although we do have our first snowdrop out....

we're looking to playing with our snow shoes (hopefully tomorrow), or at least be able to make some snow angels.

Friday, 5 January 2007


Happy New Year!

Instead of relating what we did for Christmas and New Year, we thought we'd write a list of Christmas and New Year firsts for us:
  • Had our first Christmas and New Year in Norway (obviously)
  • Cooked and ate Ribbe (thanks to one of the list coming up)
  • Looked after Pusur the cat
  • Moved my first project from the ikke ferdig to the ferdig list - I guess Lille Bamsa is better at finishing things than me!
  • Tried aquivit
  • Had a goat on the Christmas Tree - which remains unburnt
  • Suspected twitching siting of a White Tailed Sea Eagle
  • Paid 66kr to cross a bridge
  • Went to a Norwegian farm shop
  • Played canasta
  • Saw first dragon movin in Norwegian
  • Visited skydsstation in Baklandet and had fiske suppe
  • Made and ate Norwegian waffes (twice as they were so good)
  • Acquired our first cookbook på norsk

And here's a piccy of Pusur now that she's calmed down and completely chilled out.