Saturday, 5 May 2007


Dyl - What this blog needs is more about wine, jam,...

Jamie - Miaow miaow miaow pilchards hic!

Dyl - Thanks Jamie... pilchards, rum, bananas and less about socks.

Dyl - Our good friend Dino...

Jamie - miaow miaow miaow big gay dinasour hic!

Dyl - Thanks Jamie... has helped us to bottle and label our first batch of home brew. It's made from plums from the garden.

Dyl - Jamie's been testing it as we don't know how much alcohol is in it and we want to make sure it doesn't make you blind. Jamie, can you see?

Jamie - miaow miaow miaow hic!

Dyl - Oww... apparently he can see me.

Dyl - It's actually not bad for a first go - sweet, but not too sweet; clear; and not too strong (according to Jamie).

Jamie - miaow miaow miaow not enough pilchards

Dyl - thanks Jamie... and doesn't taste of pilchards.

The label

Ready to drink

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