Monday, 2 June 2014

Darlek dress

One positive about not having a sewing machine at the moment is that my knitting projects are ticking along nicely.

A friend of mine has recently had a little girl, she has two older brothers so no doubt will get quite a few masculine looking hand-me-downs but I thought I would give her something a little girly.  Her Mum is into Dr Who, so I thought a Darlek dress would be a good move... but not in traditional Darlek colours, but in girly pink.

I don't have a baby to do any modelling, so Mollamella stepped in:

The pattern is Mummy's Little Darlek jumper by ABitterKnitter (ravelry link).

I used some Novita 7 Veljestä I had in my stash.  I think it's come out quite darlek-like and not too scary (I remember being scared of the Darleks when I was little).  I love the texture of the bobbles. Link to my ravelry project.

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