Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wearing what I make - swimsuit issue

No pictures of me wearing swimsuits (thankfully), but while I've been digging through what I have made but aren't wearing I found this:

I made this and wore it (quite a bit if I remember) when I was living in Knoxville. 

I believe it is a combination of these two patterns:

View C from 9352 and view D from 8234, both in size 10.  I remember especially liking the bottoms as they have a bikini liner.

Anyway, why don't I wear them?  because the elastic has gone on them and they're all faded out - they used to be a brighter green.  So, now they have become this:

I have plans to make some of my own knickers using the free knickers patterns from Sozowhatdoyouknow .  I've already cut out the pattern and altered it to have more of a leg shape closer to my RTW knickers I like - and I'm thinking this salvaged fabric might be good for making a trial pair.

While I was looking for the patterns I used to make these I found that I have quite a selection of swimwear patterns.  I have these three too:

 I have used the two McCall's ones at some point in the past, but the items I made have gone already.  But it looks like I'm all set for making more swimwear in the future.  

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