Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wearing what I make - redoing Vogue 2544

So, I've been having a play with the blouse I made using Vogue 2544 that was sitting around not being worn because it doesn't fit.

I opened up the side seams and sleeve seems and added a 9cm wide strip of a different fabric and also put a band around the bottom.

It's not right - it now fits across the bust OK but the hip/waist area isn't right.  I let out the seams around the hip area before I sewed on the bottom band and it just looks like a shambles and doesn't fit.

I'm quite enjoying the challenge of figuring this out though (at the moment anyway) and think I'm going to preserve the sleeves and collar area and do something different below approximately where the pin is in the photo above.

I've seen this blouse on the White Stuff website:

 And I'm thinking I could do something similar with my blouse - I think the pleat in the back and the more shaped sides will look better than the original boxiness.  Of course there won't be much of my original blouse left and I need to find a complementary fabric so this may take some time. 

Wish me luck!

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