Thursday, 19 June 2014


I have two WIPs on the go at the moment (well, there are of course more, but these are the main ones!)... one is nearly done and one is just starting.

The first is the Dahlia cardigan, which I've been working on since October last year.  I had to pause work on it over Christmas as I ran out of yarn and so had to order some more - and then by the time it arrived I was well underway with another project.

Anyway, I'm pleased that the knitting is done and it is blocking before I sew up the gap above and below the lace panel.  This is a different shape of cardigan than I would normally wear, but hopefully it will fit in with what I wear.  I chose this patten as I love the long colour changes and wanted to preserve them - I think this pattern and how it starts at the centre allows me to do this.  I tried to match (as close as I could) the colour when joining at the centre top and bottom and also when going back to add the arms.

My other WIP - which is just starting is going to be a dress for Frances - she is a real dress girl and it's time she had some more.

I had some old sheet in my stash that was donated to me in order to make a muslin for my wedding dress - so I cut up the muslin and to make it a bit more interesting (and hopefully look less like an old sheet) and have done some potato stamping in the shape of bows....

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