Saturday, 28 June 2014

Dahlia cardigan

My two WIPs I blogged about last week are now finished. 

Here is my Dahlia cardigan.... it's not really the weather for it now, I haven't quite got into the right schedule for knitting - mind you, we're passed mid summer now, so the nights are drawing in (kind of, sort of):

I'm not really sure how to wear it as it's not really the shape of cardigan, or clothes, that I'm used to wearing - I don't tend (or haven't tended) to go for anything vaguely draped.  I feel more comfortable with it pinned together at the front.

Although it looks fine open - it would probably be better with something other than scruffy top and t-shirt!  I suppose I could have dressed up properly to show off my new Dahlia, but that's not really my thing :-)

I really like the bit of lacework on the back and sleeve:

And the colour is lovely.  I think I need to use this piece as inspiration to sew some garments that will look really cool with it.  That will have to wait till after the summer holidays as my crafting time and access to the sewing machine is going to be severely diminished.

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