Monday, 16 June 2014

Wearing what I make - Vogue 2544 Frankenblouse

I think I may have made a wearable garment out of my two unworn garments....  As I said earlier, I took the top half of Vogue 2544, used the White Stuff blouse as inspiration and redrafted the bottom half and used the fabric that had previously been Vogue 2152 to make a Frankenblouse - I redrafted the bottom with the help of the free Sorbetto top and this is what I've ended up with:

Not too bad.... it's not my favourite item of clothing but I feel very satisfied that I've managed to cull two items of clothing that have been lolling around not being worn and made them into something that is wearable. 

And to prove that I've worn it out of the house:

The floatiness of the bottom fabric compared to the top half means that the back pleat gets a bit lost - I also had to make a centre seam at the back and include a couple of previous seams into the front piece in order to make it work - but all in order I think it's OK. 

Unfortunately I can't enter this into the Indie Pattern Franken-Indie contest, as only one half of my FrankenBlouse is Indie, but ho hum c'est la vie.

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