Saturday, 7 June 2014

Pattern weights

I would have thought that the first thing I would make with the return of my sewing machine would have been something vaguely taxing, or at least using more than a straight stitch ... but no, I made myself some pattern weights.

I used the tutorial from Zaaberry and some bits of old jeans:- the legs of some of Rory's jeans that I'd made into shorts and some bits I'd cut off some jeans I'd bought and bothered to turn up. 

I find it really difficult to throw out any fabric, no matter how small so it's nice to find something to use up some bits that are floating around.  I like the look of flat felled seams on jeans, so made sure to include them in some of my squares.  I filled them with red lentils.

I've never used pattern weights, but with my recent purchase of some vintage patterns I think these will come in useful so as not to have to use pins when tracing and cutting out. 

The kids like them too... so double bonus.

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