Saturday, 17 May 2014

Wearing what I make - McCalls 3247

Next up in my going through my me made but not worn wardrobe is this top:

 It is McCall's 3247, and it looks like I made view C in Xsm.  It also looks like I made some alterations on the inside with the addition of some support at the front by extending the front facing and adding some elastic to sit under the bust.

I don't think I've ever really warn this - I think it seemed like a good idea to make at the time when I was living in the sultry south of the US, but really backless tops aren't my thing.  I still like the necklines and may at some point revisit some of this pattern, but most likely not the backs.

This top has now become this:

I'm going to cut up the bits to help with salvaging 2544 - the plan is to add some side panels along the seam lines and also a border around the bottom edge to make it a bit longer and hopefully make the addition of the panels look as if they're a design feature rather than me fudging it so that it will fit.

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