Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Vintage Vogue blouse patterns.

I've been reading quite a few sewing blogs recently and am always drawn to the vintage inspired or made from vintage patterns clothes.  We spent last Saturday wandering around the old part of Bern and called in at the flea market that's held down by the river Aare (It's held from May through October on every 3rd Saturday of the month in the Mattenquartier).  While I was having my turn to nose around (the kids were playing at a play park nearby) I spied a paper bag filled with vintage Vogue sewing patterns mostly from the 50's and 60s, with a few from the 70s.  In my rudimentary German I enquired how much they were and was told 1CHF each!  After looking through I picked out the following four:

I think I'm mostly in need of tops and I'm looking forward to making these (I'm thinking the dress will be redrafted into a top).  I've been drawn to clothes with feminine details recently - so pintucks, bows, ruffles etc, so hopefully these will help me to expand my wardrobe in a positive and wearable way. 

I've never sewn with a vintage pattern before - but intend to trace them before using them.  I'm really excited and curious to try them.  Now, where's that sewing machine - yep... still at the repair shop :-(

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