Monday, 9 July 2007


David and I went away for the weekend - we went about 1 3/4 hours out of Trondheim to an area called Trollheimen. The area is spectacular - rugged, snow capped mountains, fjords, U-shaped valleys ... I've been reliably informed that we walked nearly 50km with a vertical climb of 1.5km overall (to the top of Langfjellet (1264m) and Trollhøtta (1596)). David had been given a GPS for his birthday by his sister and brother and helpfully kept telling me that we were higher than Pen-y-fan, and Ben Nevis and then Sca Fell Pike. Thanks David! It was actually the down that hurt more - my poor knees. We stayed in two hytter - Jøldalshytta on Friday and Trollheimshytta on Saturday nights - which were really good. Very friendly, very clean, good food and beer to help the aches and pains (and bug bites).

Instead of posting photos of our trip to the blog, I thought I'd try linking to some photos here (I hope it works). We were really lucky with the weather and got some fantastic views - so do check out the photos.

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