Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Let Rip

Hoorah for jam, hoorah for sugar, hoorah for rhubarb, hoorah for redcurrants, hoorah for more sugar, hoorah for rum...

We made some jam last night. It was fun to make - lots of bubbling sugar and yummy fruit in a preserving pan - I think we may have enjoyed the bubbling a little too much as it's definitely set. I'm sure a little warming before we put it on the waffles and it'll be fine. Or maybe we can use it as the basis for some rum - what do you think Jamie? Hoorah for rum.

We even made the label. "Rips" are currants in Norwegian, by the way. I think it's a terrible accusation that I fart all the time.

David and Dino also started some wine last night - David's been carrying around this large box of Shiraz grape juice that he was given when he left Bristol, and Dino managed to nag him enough to get it started - it's now sitting in the living room bubbling away.

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