Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Bergen weekend

We had a great weekend in Bergen with Mina, Arild and Lauritz. The weather was great, and it was good to see them again. We took the train north to Voss on the Saturday to see some of the extreme sports weekend, it was mostly paragliding on the Saturday:

It looked fun - but we didn't try!

On the Sunday we went to the Baroniet Rosendal - more my kind of thing! Beautiful rose garden, and a large (under construction) kitchen garden in a stately house in a beautiful mountainous, fjord-side setting, by a waterfall (if that wasn't enough!).

David also did a bit of this by where we were staying:

The weather since we've been back in Trondheim has been great - fortunately the rain and bad weather that hit the UK over the last few weeks has passed to the south of us. I took this picture this morning at about 7am:

In case you can't read it - or don't believe your eyes - it does say 43C! It's not a true temperature, but I thought it was pretty impressive looking - especially considering we're only 600km ish from the arctic circle!

The good weather has meant that are tomatoes are finally starting to fruit - this is our first San Mazano tomato:

With being away there hasn't been a huge amount of time for knitting, and progress is slow. David's not grey sock is making progress - I'm ready to pick up the heel stitches and get going with the foot.

I've also been working on konfekt 18703 - it's making slow, but steady progress - each row seems a long way round after socks.

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Guthrum said...

arrrgh- it is 13 deg blowing a gale and raining for the 11th day on the trot !!!!