Sunday, 15 July 2007

knitting update

The yellow booties I finished a week ago or so have finally gone into the post to Jen et al - Jen had a boy on 12th July (a couple of weeks late), they've decided to call him Samuel Frederick.

I thought I'd better start the next pair of booties. These are for Annie - her due date has passed, but as far as I know she hasn't had her baby yet. (Update - I've just heard that she had Edward on Friday afternoon) Annie makes fun of David and I for both being red-heads, but as she's got a red-headed brother I'm sure she's going to have a red-headed son (she's blonde, and Tony is brown) - so I thought it only appropriate to make orange booties for junior:

Here's the progress I've made on konfekt 18703 - slow, but steady - it's starting to feel a little less "just started" than before.

I also have finished the first half of David's not grey socks:

And have cast on the second half:

My parents are coming to visit this next week - I ordered this book from Amazon, which they're bringing with them, which will hopefully give some inspiration for the next pair of socks to tackle. My Mum's also bringing some Jacob wool that she got locally. The plan is to make it into a cabled zip front cardigan, but I'll wait to see it before I completely commit.

I'm not sure what we're going to do while they're here - we've got a day trip to Røros planned, and probably some walks, and some playing in the garden, I just hope the weather's nice - we're having a few days of rain at the moment, but I don't think it'll last for too long (fingers crossed).

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