Friday, 13 July 2007


This last move we made has really shown me how dull it is to be moving lots of stuff - how long this feeling will last I don't know, but given that we're not very likely to be permanently in Trondheim, another move will happen sooner or later. This puts me in great quandaries considering what a natural squirrel I am.

I suppose it's as they say with most problems once you admit them then it's possible to do something about them - until you can manage to ignore and deny them again!

So, while I'm feeling this way I am going to make a concerted effort to take a look at my "stuff" and make some considered decisions about what to do with it - so far I've thrown out my maths A-Level notes and have put some photos into nice, simple, Muji photo albums rather than the huge metal drawer I had them in, which was too big to fit on a shelf.

I've also started to look through some of my craft stuff. I found an easy win to start with:

I have this cushion cover that I knitted when I lived in Knoxville, TN - so sometime in 2000-2003. I knitted it from a pattern in a Debbie Bliss book, in order to teach myself how to do cables. I like the cushion cover, but don't like the way it gapes at the top showing the cushion inner.

While starting to look at my stuff I found a bit of patchwork that I'd done - who knows when? that was mounted on some white backing and was accompanied by a rectangular shaped cushion made from curtain lining and stuffed with toy stuffing. I obviously got that far and realised that the shape of the cushion wasn't right and abandoned it before making the patchwork into a cushion. So to cut a boring story short, I've made the patchwork into a square cushion cover:

And put it inside the knitted cover - so now I have nice patchwork poking out rather than plain cushion inner.

You could say that it's a shame to cover up the patchwork - but I don't really think we need any more cushions, and it is pretty loud.

I've also finished the first of the PJ tops I was making. I'm really happy with how it turned out, considering I made my own pattern to my own measurements (with the help of the book I previously posted about). I had meant to have the stripes on the two sides of the front sloping in different directions - but it didn't happen!

We also had the first of the spinach out of the garden (along with a few more peas) - you really can't beat the freshness of veg that you pick from the end of the garden just before you want to eat it. Food miles? - food metres more like.

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