Thursday, 26 April 2007

ferdig - pajama bottoms

I've now finished the third pair of pajama bottoms that I bought material for when I was visiting my parents a little while ago. This pair is for me. Hoorah for lounging around in pajamas.

Now that the easy part of making the pajama bottoms is over, I think I'm gearing up to add another, related, project onto my ikke ferdig list. I've had this book for a little while, but haven't actually used it:

I'm thinking that it would be good to use it to make some pajama tops for me from the leftover fabric from making the bottoms. They've got a section on making a custom camisole pattern (the picture on the front of the book is the one that they make in the book) by drafting a simple pattern from actual body measurements, preferred style etc

So, I'll add it to my list and see what happens.

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