Saturday, 21 April 2007

half socktastic

First sock of my first pair of socks is finished and fits (I tried to take a photo of it on my foot, but couldn't manage by myself).

I'm quite impressed as I'm not a very experienced knitter and there were lots of new techniques to do - knitting in the round, turning a heal and grafting toes. I don't think I've done too badly - now I've got to do sock two - am wondering whether I should pick up the wool from where I cut it off at the end of this sock, or if I should try to find the same part of the pattern and try to make them match? David thinks I should try for the latter - and he's probably right.

I've really enjoyed knitting this, I like the wool and how it makes its own pattern, I like the scale of the project, I like the challenge of the never-before-done techniques, I like how it looks now it's finished and I like the way it feels on my foot.

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