Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Work trough

Things are a bit slack at the moment work-wise, but I'm trying to stay productive. Yesterday morning I turned the compost heap - that was hard work - I don't think it had been touched for quite some time as there were bits of plates and other non-compostable things in it and it was quite dry in places. I took out about a trug and a half of compost, which I'll take with us to our new house. I put all the compostable stuff back, and added a bit of water near the bottom - so hopefully that will kick start it back into action.

I'm also starting the gradual packing of a few bits and pieces ready for our move at the end of May and also to try to get a few bits and bobs away before the visning (house showing), which we think might be next week.

I've also been having a bit of a think about what I can make from this wool that I have:

I bought it to make a cardigan from a Debbie Bliss book I have, but after I got about 15cm in I decided I didn't like it and so took it apart. I've got two thoughts at the moment: one is to make this jumper using either just the red I have, or getting a second colour like the pattern shows, and option two is this jumper without the funny scarf thing or bobbly edging - which would also test my Norwegian as the pattern will be på norsk.

I've also turned the heal on sock number 2 and am shaping the instep and trying to figure out where the best place is to join the next ball of wool on.

We have visitors this weekend, David's sister and her husband are coming to Trondheim. Depending on the weather I think we're going to take them to Kristiansund and drive the Atlantic highway, which we've heard is very pretty. We're also going to visit our new house and show them a bit around Trondheim and the area.

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