Monday, 16 April 2007

Sunday play

Now that we've sorted out a house to rent for June that has a garden and owners that are happy for me to make a vegetable garden out of some of it I thought it worthwhile sewing a few more seeds:

I've only sewn a few seeds of each as they need to be moveable. I've also potted on the few tomato plants I'd previously started before I knew if we'd have a garden at the next place, or not.

I also planted four potato tubers I'd kept back from some potatoes we bought at an honesty booth by the side of the road, in two biggish pots - they had chitted and needed planting and I wasn't sure what else to do - hopefully they will transfer OK into the ground once I get digging. We haven't seen sead potatoes for sale here at all - not that we've looked exceptionally hard. A play I'm going to have, maybe next weekend, is to turn the compost heap and bag up any yummy compost that is there to take with us.

Seeing as I finished my jumper, it was definitely time to start my first ever sock - I've wanted to try knitting socks for ages. I'm quite pleased with my first attempt.

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