Saturday, 14 April 2007


All sorts of things have suddenly been finished (well maybe not suddenly):
I had time on Friday to make David another set of PJ bottoms.

And this morning I finished off my jumper:

(and wore it into town) I'm pleased with both, although I'm amazed at how much easier I find sewing fabric than I do sewing together knitting.
And most importantly the surgeon general had time to go into theatre with the Tiger Ears. They're now recuperating after their operation:

So, a very productive few days. We also bought cross country skis in the Easter sales - I'm scared of down hill skiing after being persuaded to go a couple of times with David (who loves it) and having icy, no snow conditions, so this is quite a big step - but at the sale prices it seemed silly not to at least give it a go - now we just need to wait for the snow (there is a reason why they're on sale!).
And if that isn't enough for the week - we found a place to move to - it's a house further into town - 2 bedrooms and a garden, and with lots of other bits of rooms and space for us to live in. It's currently furnished with 60s era furniture, but once that's out and we've moved in we'll just have to live with the wallpaper.

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