Thursday, 3 January 2008

New knitting needle roll

I finished off the knitting needle roll I was making this morning. It's not the prettiest as it's made from a mish mash of fabric colourways (all from the same curtain fabric swatch). It is large enough to fit all my needles (straight, dpn and circular) and the other bits and bobs I've got like row counters, needle end thingies, needle size gauges etc etc and rolls up to about the same size as the old bag I was using.
I didn't really follow a pattern, or tutorial, although did search the web for pictures and took inspiration from what other people had done - although I couldn't see an example of one that seemed to be as big and comprehensive as what I was wanting. It pleases me that it's all organised and I have half a chance of knowing what needles I have. I found a circular needle in a size that would be useful for the red cardigan I'm knitting at the moment, while I was putting the needles into the roll once I'd finished - which I thought was a real bonus!


Kristin said...

holy camole you've got a big roll for needles. Can you actually force yourself to get them back in the little pockets? How do you store the circulars?

Deb said...

It did turn out pretty large - but I didn't want to be left squashing them all in. I made three rows of pockets - longest and middle for straight needles and then a third, shorter set of pockets. I made each of the slots on the longest and middle height pockets 2" wide apart from one as I've got some massive needles from somewhere that wouldn't fit in 2", so I made this 3" wide. The third, shorter set of pockets I made double width, so 4" wide, which is then wide enough for my circulars. So far it works OK.... but I guess time will tell!