Monday, 14 January 2008

red cardigan progress

Felicity Anne has taken time out of her busy wedding dress helping role to help me show some red cardigan progress.

I’m annoyed with myself for not spotting that I could have simplified the construction of the cardigan earlier. The pattern calls for a belt knit in three sections (back and two sides) – which are then joined together using three needle bind off, and an upper part knit in the same three sections and then a lower part, again knit in the same three section, all of which are seamed together down the sides. If I’d been thinking when I cast on I’d have knit one long belt picked up stitches along the side for the whole of the upper section and then split at the armholes. I only realised this when I was half way through the first upper side, after having knit the upper back, so it was too late really to start again.

So, as you can see from my update photos I’ve finished all the belt and upper sections and have seamed them and the belt together as per the pattern, and am currently knitting the sleeves (in the round as what’s the point in leaving a 3cm seam to have to join later?). Once both sleeves are in I’ll pick up all the way along the belt and knit the bottom sections all in one go alleviating the need to do any more seaming. I love the shade of red - very vivid.

I’ve been very deliberately not casting on for anything more while I get a good start at the wedding dress – the dress is under control, so I’m starting to think that maybe I can think about casting a small project on…. It’s deciding what that’s the hard part!

And still no internet connection…

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