Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Being social

So much for finishing my wedding sewing last weekend - instead while David was out at work I met up with a couple from Australia who have also just moved from Norway. We know them through David's work, and they're both taking the same Finnish class as us, so I thought it would be good to be social! I met them mid morning and we chilled out and had a wander around Helsinki - it's fun going with other people as they have got used to going different routes and it's all part of the great explore. They showed me all sorts of things that we hadn't found yet - a nice little cafe that did very nice croque monsieurs, little antique shops and a lovely little Japanese shop with artisan plates and cups and tea pots etc and various different types of Japanese green tea (I don't drink tea on the whole - I'm a disgrace to my British-ness! - but David likes his green tea, so it's good to know). The problem with our explore is that I only vaguely knew where we were and am not sure I'd find where we were again!

We then went for a drink to celebrate Australia Day and met up with David (once he got off work) and also bumped into a group of people from a society called the Jolly Dragons who we've met up with a couple of times - they're a social group that do all sorts of social, sport and fun activities. A mix of foreigners and Finns, and so far everyone we've met have been very friendly. We're still getting to know what it's all about, but they seem to be genuine.

So, next weekend I'll get my sewing finished.

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Midori said...

I can take you to that Japanese shop, just give me a ring! :-)