Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Old knitting needle bag

I'm not sure I mentioned - but we had another green Christmas and New year. I don't quite understand how, for the past two Christmas periods, living in what are thought of as cold and snowy places we've managed to end up with a green Christmas. I'm sure it will get cold and snowy in Jan/Feb - it did in Norway - but still, a little dissapointing that we couldn't go outside on Christmas day and build snowmen. Maybe next year?

One thing that I've been playing with between Christmas and New Year is to make a replacement for this:

I've ended up with my Nanna's old knitting needles and bag - I've added a few (mostly circular) needles to the collection, but they're a mixture of imperial, metric and US sizes all in a jumble in the bag. So I've started figuring out a knitting needle roll that will house them all and also organise them in millimeters. So far (no pics yet) what I've done is looking very practical and should fit the main objectives of the project, although isn't that aesthetically pleasing. I'm using some curtain fabric swatches that I acquired when I used to work in a made to measure curtain shop back what seems like years ago (1997/1998 before I went off to the US to do my Masters), so it's looking like a bit of a hodge podge.

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