Thursday, 1 November 2007

bits & bobs

I thought I'd better show some pictures of the outcome of the miracle freezer emptying desert from last night...They baked up fine...

They were an oozy mixture of apple and chocolate with a very subtle texture of dried apricots... And they disappered just fine! Yum yum. Not bad for a cobbled together use-up desert. And the condensed milk was the pièce de résistance.

I spent most of the morning putting back up the horrible pink shiney curtains that were in the living room when we moved in. They're still just as pink and just as shiney, I think they can be seen in a previous post at about the time we were moving in. The other thing that is pretty hideous about this house is the wallpaper in the toilet - so I thought I'd take a photo and show it to the world...

The toilet's only about 1m squared - so it's pretty overpowering.

Oh well, we'll soon be in our all white house in Helsinki and miss all the colours.

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