Thursday, 15 November 2007

Getting back to normal

We went to see Atonement last night, we've both read and enjoyed the book, so it was on our list of films we wanted to see and finally we had our chance. We weren't disappointed - a really good film, tragic in parts (most parts), a good adaptation of the book and some beautiful cinematography and images. I'm not a big Keira Knightly fan, but she was very good - I think it's her jaw I'm not keen on (I didn't say I had a good reason for not being a fan!). Afterwards we went to go to a Thai restaurant - we looked in the window and found that it was packed (very small restaurant with a good reputation - I guess we will book next time) so tried next door in a Malaysian restaurant. There was nothing pretentious about the Malaysian restaurant - good food, no airs or graces. To top the night off we bought me a mobile phone - so I feel all connected and mobile again.

I mentioned in my last post that I was having a bit of a bootie knit - I've got one pair finished:

I used the same pattern and wool as the last pair I was knitting, which came out tiny - but have used larger needles this time. This pair look much better, and I found four yellow buttons for them too. I think these look more girly so I'm going to send them to Sophie for Beatrice and start another pair, probably with some leftover sock wool for Anna's Henrik.

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Guthrum said...

We missed Atonement in sunny Clevedon as we got the day wrong ! Hope to catch it on DVD.