Wednesday, 20 June 2007

First visitor

We had our first visitor this last weekend - Liz from Bristol. We know Liz through the walking group we both belonged to back in the UK. Luckily we had really good weather here on Saturday and Sunday, so went out for a hike both days. Liz was overwhelmed by how light it was - it is pretty crazy. It's 10:15pm now and the sun is streaming in the window.

So, with all this light we were able to put our guest to work and persuaded her to help us a little bit in the garden. Shel helped us cut back to a sensible height the thorny-est hedge possible. And also helped in the veg garden digging. This is how it's coming along:

We planted turnip, cabbage, celeriac and spinach in the bed that Liz and I dug, and I started a third bed this evening while David was at work. With all this light the plants can't do anything but grow. And we're planning on buying a lawnmower this weekend so we can get the grass all neat and tidy - in order to show off the veg or course.

So, with all this walking and digging there hasn't been a huge amount of time for knitting. The only progress has been with Anna's second sock - I've managed to turn the heel - so I'm on the homeward stretch now.

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