Thursday, 19 March 2015

More spiral hats and a bit of sockage

I've been a bit of a slacker blogger of late - my excuse is that working on bigger projects doesn't make much blogging fodder, and I'm not one to just waffle on and ruminate about this and that for the sake of it.

Last week we took the kids and my sister-in-law skiing in Saas Fee.  The kids did their first week of ski school, which they really enjoyed.  David and his sister zoomed over the mountains as much as he was able.  I don't ski (I've tried and failed and am not quite ready to try again yet), so apart from being chalet maid I sat in the sun and knit.  The weather was great, and at times I had to go inside to knit.  I did some of my City & Guild course and also knit a couple more spiral hats.

I knit these exactly the same as the previous ones - the blue one is for my Mum for Christmas and the beige one for Aunty Alwyn.  I think I'm going to knit a couple more - one for my SIL and I guess I should knit one for myself too.

I've also been knitting a pair of socks, and finished the first sock while we were away.  They're Kai Mei by Cookie A.  The yarn I'm using is Merisock Hand Painted by Punta Yarns.  As you can see from above it still needs blocking as they're a pretty freaky shape at the moment. 

But they do fit.  I love the way the lace work curls across the foot.  This is the first pattern I've knit from Cookie A's sock innovation book, even though I've had the book for ages.  I'll definitely be knitting some more.

I'm now on the look out for some cotton-rich sock yarn - I'd like to knit some little socks to go inside ballet flats but I'm sure normal wool-rich sock yarn will be far too warm.

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