Wednesday, 11 February 2015

week 6

Week 6 (last week) is a bit of a funny week around here, and has been for a few years now.  David goes away with work every week 6 and I'm left with the kids, which is not normally a problem but week 6 at the moment also happens to be their half term and I think we'd go mad if it was just the 3 of us without school to go to or anyone else.  Luckily my parents are very understanding and come to us for week 6.  Last week we did lots of train trips (it being Switzerland and the trains being super efficient) and saw lots of things including: the Swiss Transport Museum in Luzern; the Tinguely museum in Basel; Solothurn; Interlaken; the Kambly biscuit factory...  We had a couple of days off while some new shelves were being delivered, but generally had lots of fun.

Of course all this jollying around on trains meant that there wasn't a whole lot of crafting going on.  I managed to do a few swatches of various increase and decrease related knitting for the city and guilds course.  But sadly, no quilt progress has been made. 

The tiger fabric for Rory's tiger costume arrived with my parents much to his excitement - I managed to get it off him so I could pre-wash and cut it out and have managed to make a start on it.

Looking good so far - the fabric is fleece found in my parent's local fabric shop and I'm following the pattern for the lion in the book Cute and Easy Costumes for Kids by Emma Hardy - I'll make a couple of changes to make it a tiger rather than a lion, but I think with this fabric I can't really go wrong.

While my parents were here I also finally managed to get Rory to wear the stripy tank top I knitted for him ages ago.

I think it looks great on him. 

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