Thursday, 26 March 2015

The end of the New Year sewing resolution

My New Year's sewing resolution appears to be slowly but surely crumbling.... I was doing pretty well at using my sewing time to get on with my quilt and have managed to make quite a few squares.  But I don't think I can only work on the quilt any more.

I'm being tempted away by 3 projects....

The first one goes back to one of the things I was doing last year, which is going through things that I've made in the past and figuring out why I don't wear them and then what I'm going to do about them.

So, may I introduce a faux suede jacket I made:

Why don't I wear it?  Because I don't like the way it looks... it's too boxy and unflattering.

 The back and side views aren't much better.

In its defence it does look like the picture on the pattern (Butterick 5269).  I made view A, size 10 but with in-seam pockets rather than patch pockets.  I bought the pattern in Glasgow, so that must date this make as being when I was at University in the mid-90s.

So, what's my plan?  I'm going to (mostly) take it apart and try to make a motorcycle jacket instead.  I have the Burda Silk Motorcycle jacket pattern and am hoping I have enough fabric from taking the jacket apart and from the little bit of leftovers I've found to be able to make it.  The pattern's printed out and taped together, the size chosen and ease calculated, so next steps are adding the seam allowance and taking apart the horrible boxy jacket.

The second sewing project I'm being tempted away by is to make a phone belt pocket. I want a way to carry my phone without wearing out the pockets of my jeans and also when I wear something without pockets so I have somewhere to carry it without always needing to take a bag.

 Phone Belt Pocket Pattern or hipster bag or fanny pack sewing pattern

I've found this pattern which looks interesting, so I'd like to give it a whirl. 

And thirdly I'm planning on entering the Simplicity star sewist blogger challenge.  Looks like fun and you get a free pattern. 

Poor quilt will never get finished at this rate!

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