Wednesday, 27 February 2008

planty news

It's amazing what a bit of neglect and some thinking time in a box can do.... I've been trying to take a nice photo of this amaryllis for a few days now and have finally given up (it's much nicer in person). The last time we saw this flower was in its first year with us, in the spring of 2006 before we'd started our Nordic adventure - unfortunately that year it wasn't in a heavy enough pot and ended up falling off a table. In 2007 it had some leaves but didn't do much else, but this time after feeding it during the summer and encouraging its leaves, and then letting it dry out, cutting it back and putting it in a box for our move to Finland it has done us proud.
There are actually two bulbs in the pot, so lets hope both of them will flower next year.

And while I'm getting excited about plants....
I planted some seeds on Sunday, it's maybe a little early, but the growing season is relatively short and it seems to be getting lighter so I thought I'd take a risk.... I'm a little earlier than last year when I managed to wait until April. From left to right I've planted chillies, peas (g), San Morzano tomatoes (g), tumbling tomatoes (g), spinach (g), chard (g), pepper, and cabbage wintergreen (g). I'm not sure if you can make it out in the photo, but there has already been some germination going on... the ones in the list above followed by a "g" are the ones that are showing signs of germination. It's very exciting, or at least I'm very excited by it!


Kristin said...

you're not helping things!!!!

I have aspirations of a beautiful garden and always want to plant seeds now. But I know I need to wait at least 2 more weeks! Last year it snowed may 20th here -- brrr.

on the shorter growing season: shorter growing season, but longer daylight hours. Things in northern Minnesota tend to wait until June to green up, grow like gangbusters and then the first frost is sept 10th here.

Livet i Finlandighet said...

I tried to have an amaryllis once, but it shrivelled up and died after a record breaking two days. I am horrible with plants, and I so wish I could make them work. This one looks beautiful, although the light is a bit poor :)