Friday, 7 March 2008

It shouldn't be that easy....

I'm still a little in shock.... our friends Jo and Andrew came to visit us last weekend. We went into town on the Saturday to mooch around and also with an underlying mission of finding shoes for me for the wedding. I thought it would be difficult - I usually get an idea of what I want in my head and then get pretty stubborn even when it's obvious that what I'm imagining doesn't exist in my current location or time, but we figured if anyone could help me it would be Jo - who loves shoes. So, we went into town and the first shoe shop we looked in we found the perfect pair of shoes. This is too easy, we both think, so explain to the lady in the shop that we can't buy the shoes as they're the fist pair we've seen and we need to look in all the shoe shops in Helsinki first, but that we'll be back if we don't find anything better. I think we both knew that we wouldn't find anything better, but we did look in lots of other shoe shops before finally arriving back at the first shoe shop and buying the shoes I'd tried on. It still feels as if it was a little too easy, but they are the right shoes.

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