Friday, 15 February 2008

Giddy with the sunshine

I'm feeling almost giddy with the fact that the sun has come out here. It feels like it's been damp and grey for ages, but we've now had 1 1/2 days of sunshine. Proper big blue skys sunshine. Hoorah. The temperature's gone down below freezing (I don't care the sun's out) and there's still no snow (I don't care the sun's out). So, in celebration of the sun coming out I've finished my red cardigan (lemonade). It may be a little ahead of the weather, but it's ready for the summer! Not a particularly great photo, but I was so amazed at the sun being out that was all I could manage.

My parents visit went well despite the grey and damp weather they had. They made positive noises about Helsinki and no doubt will be back at some point to see the city and its surroundings in a different season.

We went to the cinema last night with a few people from the Jolly Dragons group. We went to see Lust, Caution! I enjoyed it - David's written more about it here so I won't say much. The film is in Chinese with Finnish and Swedish subtitles, so we got the gist from the Swedish subtitles and of course the images. I would be interested in seeing the film again with English subtitles just to see what I missed.

What else - oh yes, we're having cross country skiing lessons this weekend despite there being no snow - David went to check if it was still on during the week and they apparently bring snow in to keep the track open. It seems pretty mad that they have to do this - is this climate change or is something else going on? So, wish me luck - I'm not exactly renowned for my love of skis!

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Kristin said...'d the lessons go?

When we moved to Minnesota Erik was very skeptical when I plunked down 100 dollars for some cross country skis. I now own 3 pair and regularly use 2 of them. In fact, i just went out today for a little ski.