Tuesday, 14 August 2007


What do you mean you started this blog primarily to keep track of your projects..... no, WE started this blog to talk about jam and rum and pilchards.

So, recent jams: Dylan's red conserve and Dylan's secret jam.

The first one we made from wild strawberries and raspberries Deborah and David collected on Sunday, and also some strawberries we found in the freezer.

The second one we made from some secret berries Deborah, David and her parents collected during their visit - they won't tell us what they were, which is why they're secret, although they did tell us they were very Scandinavian and we can confirm that they're very yummy warm with waffles (og rømme, selvførgelig!).

So, what's next in the world of jam making? - well the last jam we made - Dylan lets rip(s) with rhubarb jam did set too hard to be of any use apart from to stick your teeth together, so we've done lots of research on if there's anything we can do to salvage it, but haven't found anything - the only problem people seem to have in the world of jam making, is jams not setting enough, which is pretty easy to solve - but nobody seems to make jam while drinking rum and lose track of the time and boil the jam too much. So, I guess we're going to forge ahead on our own and try a few things.

We've also found a recipe for carrot and almond conserve, which sounds interesting.

We're also doing research into what fruits grow in the woods and forests of Finland. Jamie thinks we're going to be moving to Helsinki in November (he's such an evesdropper), I'm still sure we'll go to Madagascar.

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Pebble said...

Madagascar....I don't think so buddy...you're going to need blubber where you're going hee hee hee