Wednesday, 22 August 2007


We were away again last weekend - this time to a wedding in Edinburgh - David's cousin. I meant to take a photo of them both standing next to each other, as they definitely have a resemblence to each other - but didn't manage. Maybe there'll be one of the official photos with them both on. The wedding was good - quite traditional, the bride looked beautiful, of course; and there were quite a few kilts. It gave us some ideas about what we do and don't want at our wedding next year.

We stayed with a friend of mine that I was at university with - we did use her place as a bit of a hotel as we were coming and going to the wedding etc while she was at work, but managed to hang out on Saturday night and have some dinner with her, her boyfriend and another couple of friends that were visiting Edinburgh that weekend, and catch some of the Edinburgh fringe. We saw some late night comedy (Maxwells fullmooners), which was very funny - and very late (especially for David and I who are usually tucked up in bed pretty early).

This weekend we're not going anywhere - hoorah - but on Monday we're going to Helsinki for the week - yes, Jamie and Dylan have been evesdropping correctly - it looks like we're going to be shifting again (at this rate we'll get our professional nomad certificates in no time). So, we need to learn all about saunas, wife throwing and nokia. And figure out if we're even going to attempt to learn the language.

And now for some knitting progress:

The konfekt 18703 top is still making progress - I misread the pattern the last time I blogged about it, so 18cm (rather than 9cm) on from my last blog entry about it, I am now ready to get the dictionary out and figure out what to do next - I think I basically put the front part aside and continue on the back and shape the armholes, and do something similar with the front and then join them back up again.

I've also started some socks for my Mum - they're more purple than they appear in the photo - I'm using the beaded rib pattern from Sensational Knitted socks, and am using some Sadnesgarn Sisu - I didn't mean to use magic loop again, but after I knitted a swatch or two, these needles were the best size. I'll take these to Helsinki with me and hopefully make some progress while we figure out where we want to live.

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