Monday, 21 April 2014

Vietnamese fabric

We've been away in Vietnam for a couple of weeks.  We had a great time and saw lots of interesting things - we spent one week in Hanoi dodging scooters and doing a couple of trips to see some temples and Halong Bay and another week at the beach.

One place we went in Hanoi was to Chợ Hôm - the fabric market.  What a crazy place - I didn't take any photos but found this blog post, which really show's what it's all about.  The only thing she doesn't mention are the loos - Frances came with me (along with my sister-in-law) and of course Frances needed to go - they were pretty rudimentary.  An open drain with foot places for weeing and then cubicals with actual loos for #2s.  Frances did very well coping.  Anyway, back to the fabric:

These are what I bought - I got 2m of each as I don't really know what each is going to be used for.  Current thoughts:

  • Top is silk (not from Chợ Hôm, but from a tourist shop on the way to Halong Bay) which I think might become a top, although it's really nice - so am going to have to think about it a bit.
  • Next is what Frances picked out - pink and sparkly!  We're thinking of a mermaid tail - probably along the lines of this one.
  • The check is probably going to become a shirt for David.  I'm thinking of getting this pattern. 
  • Then a couple of tops from the red cotton and the white broderie anglais.
  • The last is some linen with a broderie anglais design which I think might become a simple dress. 
So, that's the thoughts so far - let's see what actually transpires!

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